Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why You Should Use Naturalistic Vivariums

There are few things nicer to look at than a naturalistic animal setup- whether its a saltwater reef tank, a riverside paludarium, a dense jungle scene, or an arid dessert-scape complete with succulents. There are also few things better for the well being of your pet besides a balanced and varied diet. Naturalistic vivariums reduce stress on the animal and you since they don't have to be cleaned as often (though the initial cost may put a little stress on your wallet).

 A properly planned naturalistic vivarium can last for years with minimal maintenance. They can be as simple as some pothos and cork bark to as complex as false bottoms and waterfalls. don't get me wrong "sterile" setups (those with newspaper or paper towels) have there place in the hobby too: for raising juveniles and people who have large amounts of herps with little room. One must always make the effort, though, to provide his/her pets with a setup that reflects its natural environment whenever possible.