Friday, June 3, 2011

Eyelash Viper

I was lucky enough to see an eyelash viper (Bothriechis schlebelii) on my trip to Costa Rica. The eyelash viper is a small, venomous pit viper, rarely exceeding 2.5 ft (with females being larger than males). These snakes are arboreal and known for their wide range of colors (red, yellow, brown, green, and pink). Their name comes from scales above their eyes that resemble eyelashes. They can be found in the moist forests of Central and South America from sea level to 2640 m in elevation, though they prefer lower altitudes. These snakes are mostly nocturnal and eat rodents, frogs, lizards, and birds. They are also ovoviviparous meaning that they give birth to live young from eggs stored in the body instead of being laid. They have 10-12 young in this manner.

The snake pictured above was found crossing a trail on a night hike in Poco Sol, after being nearly stepped on by a companion. It was no more than a foot long.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New York Metro Reptile Expo

The New York Metro Reptile Expo will be held at the Westchester County Center on Sunday, July 10. It is a great place to get your pets and supplies. Time is from 10am- 4pm. Adults are $10. Children 7-12 are $4, and children under 7 are free.