Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breeding Reptiles and Amphibians: 5 Things to Consider First

Breeding an animal can be a difficult undertaking. Before you begin you should take the following statements into consideration.

1) Do I have the Experience?- You need to know how to take care of the adult animals well before you even begin to think about breeding them. Any problems you have with the adults will be multiplied with the young. I suggest at least 1 years worth of experience caring for the adults.

2) Are my adults ready to breed?- In some cases animals can be old enough to breed but still not ready for it. Make sure they are healthy and have good weight. Do not rush them. Breeding can be stressful.

3) Do I have the money?- Be prepared to spend extra money on more tanks/containers, and more food for the young. Often the young cannot be kept with the adults (cannibalism), or require special food.

4) Do I have the space, and time?- The young will take-up both of these. This is especially true if you breed frogs and raise the tadpoles in individual cups (the horror!).

5) Do I have a plan for the young?- Will you keep them, give them away or sell them? If you don't plan on keeping them you should look around for someone who wants them early in the breeding process. If you are successful and enjoy it, you may develop it into a side business.